Consumer's Safety Guidelines By MEPCO

Today our life is incomplete without electricity, but if used carelessly, electricity can prove dangerous for us. A little carelessness can lead to tragedy. It is very important to observe all the safety measures to avoid any unpleasant incident. So, follow these guidelines issued by MEPCO

  1. If you see a power line lying on the ground, please inform the nearest complaint center immediately. You can also call the MEPCO helpline at 061-9220169
  2. Never use power cables for hanging clothes.
  3. Animals should not be tied to electricity poles
  4. Always use quality cables for wiring
  5. Try to use a three-pin shoe for all types of electrical appliances.
  6. The naked wires should be repaired immediately.
  7. God forbid, If a person gets entangled with electricity, a wooden rod should be used to get him free
  8. Never touch any electric appliance when your hands or clothes are wet.

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