Courier Tracking in Pakistan

Transportation has been an integral part of society for thousands of years. Which is accompanied by an improvement in economic growth. In the past delivery on horseback or on foot was the main means of delivery. Inventions such as automobiles have made the delivery process much more efficient in this era where orders can be fulfilled in days. Even now, there are startups that are trying to revolutionize the courier industry by incorporating computerized software into their services.

Early Days Courier Services

Early records of the transportation of goods date back to the time of ancient Egypt. Where couriers were sent to deliver documents carved in stone. The ancient Egyptians also had to move construction materials used to build the pyramids. In ancient Greece, courier messengers were used not only to send items but also to inform the public about great victories. Pheidippides, the Greek messenger who took part in the marathon battle, traveled 26 miles to Athens to announce his victory but died of exhaustion. The story ultimately helped to impress the Olympic marathon race.

Modern Courier Service

After the Industrial Revolution, inventions such as the railroad and the steamboat were now easily shipped across the United States in a short period of time. Wells Fargo adopted it. Formed in 1852, it became the first company of its kind to offer package delivery services to its customers by moving gold and other commodities to newly expanded areas.

Much of today's courier business practices can be attributed to American businessman Jim Casey, who launched the Messenger service in Seattle in 1907. With just $100, it turned an anonymous startup into one of the largest package delivery companies. World - UPS. The company soon began offering daily pick-ups and streamlined documents. UPS helped popularize the use of motor vehicles to deliver packages and goods to its customers. Given the profitability of the business, FedEx and DHL Express soon followed suit and are now the main competitors of UPS.

Courier Tracking Service

The tracking number was at first an inner handle for quality control. The system, propelled within the late 1970s, was made to progress efficiencies. It worked so well that, in 1979, the framework was advertised to clients as Universe (Clients, Operations and Administrations Ace Online System.

The shipment has now been further updated following the tracking number. Customers can trace their courier to their location via a tracking number from home. When and in how many days will his parcel be delivered to him.

Courier Services In Pakistan

Similarly, many courier companies are also offering their services in Pakistan. Among them are famous companies like Pakistan Post, M&P, Leopard Courier tracking, Tcs, and CallCourier.

As mentioned above, after the invention of a tracking number, when the courier started tracing through the internet, this service was also adopted in Pakistan. And its use is increasing day by day. And people are benefiting from it.

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